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    St. Patrick’s Day Sale: Save 30% now through March 20th

    Brivium 1,986
    In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) we are kicking off a St. Patrick’s Day Sale that’s sure to leave your Business associates...
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    What's New on XenForo 2.0?

    DungHoa 1,963
    BRIVIUM (12 November 2014) - As XenForo 1.4 nears release, the time has come to shift the primary development focus to a brand new...
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    Notice of Updates to Privacy Policy & TOS

    Brivium 1,907
    Dear valued Brivium customers, Thanks very much to choose Brivium.com as your trusted partner for your desired XenForo addons & styles....
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    XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.1 Released

    DungHoa 1,882
    Brivium (Dec. 3, 2014) - XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.1 is the first maintenance release for XenForo media gallery add-on. XenForo team...
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    XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.5 has released!

    DungHoa 1,869
    Brivium (November 28, 2014) - XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.5 is a maintenance release for the resource manager add-on. XenForo...
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    Bravanta is coming, here in the town

    Brivium 1,869
    Hi, is today the morning of Christmas, if you are still looking for the presents of Santa Clause inside the shocks, don’t miss the...
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    More Additional Updating Parts on XenForo

    DungHoa 1,802
    Brivium (25 February 2015) - Alongside with the releasing of XenForo 1.4.5, XenForo team has released other additions: 1. XenForo Media...
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    Ruthenium Style - Change your way you experience a website

    Brivium 1,785
    Ruthenium is our newest style which will be shown in the next couple of days. It is an honor for Brivium to introduce to all of XenForo...
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    "Calcium" style - Bring all stars to your home

    Brivium 1,750
    Hello, hello! October is coming to the end at last! What better time is there to try something new for your business? Why don't you...
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    "Gallium" Style - Hold romantic things moment by moment

    Brivium 1,734
    [ATTACH] Gallium (Ga) is a soft silvery metal, and elemental gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures. If it is held in the human...
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    All Premium XenForo styles are now compatible with XenForo 1.4

    Brivium 1,729
    Since the release of XenForo 1.4 stable version earlier this month, we have been working extra hours to update our Premium XenForo...
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    Xen Media Gallery is Now XenForo Media Gallery

    DungHoa 1,702
    BRIVIUM (12 November 2014) - Today, XenForo has announced that the Xen Media Gallery add-on Chris D s joining the official XenForo...
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    XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.4 Released

    Brivium 1,677
    Brivium (Apr. 07, 2015) - XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.4 is a maintenance release for our media gallery add-on. We recommend all customers...
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    Molybdenum Style - Help to Fix 5 Mistakes When Picking up Styles

    Brivium 1,674
    You are in a business and you are struggling with it? You don’t know how to escape and how to nurture “your own child”. Well, in...
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    All Premium XenForo Add-ons are now compatible with XenForo 1.4

    Brivium 1,661
    We are very much pleased to announce that all of our Premium XenForo Add-ons are now compatible with XenForo 1.4. Since the release of...
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    XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.2 Released

    DungHoa 1,647
    Brivium (Jan. 14, 2015) - XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.2 is a maintenance release for XenForo media gallery add-on. XenForo developer team...
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    Technetium Style - Jungle in your home

    Brivium 1,630
    Is there any thing you can do in this February? Well, the first month of a year has been always the top challenge of the business?...
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    A new Styles "Potassium" will be released

    Brivium 1,621
    [ATTACH] Potassium Style will be ready for use! We are pleased to announce to our beloved customers and partners of Brivium and...