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    What's New on XenForo 2.0?

    DungHoa 2,280
    BRIVIUM (12 November 2014) - As XenForo 1.4 nears release, the time has come to shift the primary development focus to a brand new...
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    "Germanium" style - A new journey with lots of fun and joyable things

    Brivium 1,745
    [ATTACH] Germanium is a chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. It is a lustrous, hard, grayish-white metalloid in the...
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    "Gallium" Style - Hold romantic things moment by moment

    Brivium 2,032
    [ATTACH] Gallium (Ga) is a soft silvery metal, and elemental gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures. If it is held in the human...
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    How to protect your XenForo forum

    Brivium 10,492
    XenForo is becoming popular in building a community. So it is no surprise that a lot of hackers keep an eye on that. To protect your...
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    Welcome to November!

    DungHoa 2,687
    [ATTACH] November is officially here. Can you believe it? Well, the winter is knocking down every door and roofs. Hope that you could...
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    Release of 4 new premium styles

    Brivium 3,671
    [ATTACH] Oh, Halloween is coming very soon with us! You can see it everywhere on the street, in case you are going out regularly!...
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    Promotion News: Free a Halloween Style

    Brivium 3,257
    The Halloween holiday will have arrived soon - meaning your remaining time left to receive a gift from Brivium! We are glad to announce...
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    "Calcium" style - Bring all stars to your home

    Brivium 2,045
    Hello, hello! October is coming to the end at last! What better time is there to try something new for your business? Why don't you...
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    A new Styles "Potassium" will be released

    Brivium 1,924
    [ATTACH] Potassium Style will be ready for use! We are pleased to announce to our beloved customers and partners of Brivium and...
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    All Premium XenForo Add-ons are now compatible with XenForo 1.4

    Brivium 2,200
    We are very much pleased to announce that all of our Premium XenForo Add-ons are now compatible with XenForo 1.4. Since the release of...
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    Notice of Updates to Privacy Policy & TOS

    Brivium 2,200
    Dear valued Brivium customers, Thanks very much to choose Brivium.com as your trusted partner for your desired XenForo addons & styles....
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    "Gratitude to Customers" get extra 6 months for Standard Membership

    Brivium 1,701
    Brivium the company has received a lot of attentions, support, positive feedbacks and trust of many domestic and abroad customers in...
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    All Premium XenForo styles are now compatible with XenForo 1.4

    Brivium 2,068
    Since the release of XenForo 1.4 stable version earlier this month, we have been working extra hours to update our Premium XenForo...
  • brivium_membership_tos.png

    New terms of use Brivium memberships

    Brivium 1,870
    Dear valued Brivium customers, We’d like to inform you that since 30 August 2014 our Terms of Use policy will be changed as following:...
  • ssl_xenforo.png

    Force https (SSL) using .htaccess and mod_rewrite for XenForo

    Brivium 17,634
    As we known, Google has announced that going HTTPS — adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site — will give you a minor ranking...
  • stylium_framework_features.jpg

    Stylium Framework - Things behind the scenes

    Brivium 4,274
    We are happy and excited to announce the release of Stylium XenForo Style Framework stable version 1.0.0. This version has been...
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    5 Tips to speed up your XenForo forum

    Brivium 14,788
    [ATTACH] There are 4 major reasons why & how you should to speed up your forum: Visitors don’t want to wait, so they will leave your...
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    How to Install XenForo

    Brivium 5,240
    In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps on how to install XenForo. As XenForo 1.4.0 was recently released, we are eager to...