Hosting / Server Migration Service

  • Migrating your XenForo installation doesn't have to be a daunting task, let us do it for you.

    Our team can migrate your existing XenForo installation to a new destination for you to ensure things go smoothly:
    - Take a fullt system backup.
    - Keep downtime to a minimum.
    - Ensure all data is migrated successfully.
    - Includes 12-months free support with this service as well to make sure that our team is here to help you if you need assistance.

    Our hosting / server migration service is available for 24/7, and has a 24-48 hours turn around time. Request a quote
  • STEP 1: Get Started

    1. • Fill in and submit the form that you see on the bottom of this page.
    2. • On filling form process, if you want install add-ons / styles, give us your list of requirements.
    3. • We will review the completed form and we’ll send request for payment via Paypal.
  • Step 2: Installation Process

    1. • You should provide us your FTP/SSH and XenForo valid license source code (or customer account)
    2. • You should provide us your add-ons / styles source code which you want to install to your XenForo.
    3. • We will complete your installation professionally.the style.
  • Step 3: Completing

    1. • You will get a list of important informations, such as administrator passwords.
    2. • 12 months support is also available for any issues you may have with the installation we have done for you.
    3. • Please note that our setup services do not include XenForo license (you should have a valid XenForo license) and editing server setup (your web hosting must already meet the requirements for XenForo).