Hey there We're Brivium, a inspiring Web designer & development company with a strong love for Web design and art in general. Our passion and knowledge allow us to do what we love and that’s to create a clean, business-focused Web site for you.

XenForo Setup

  • Are you strugging to get XenForo working on your host? Do you not like installing software? Would you feel better if you knew a professional were setting you up?
  • Look no further! At Brivium Setup Service, we have installed many XenForo boards, we know the ins and outs of the software and will have you up and running in next to no time!

XenForo Upgrade

  • It's always good to stay up to date. Do you want to take advantage of all the latest features XenForo has to offer, but are scared that the upgrade will break some modifications or skins you have installed?
  • Good news! Brivium Upgrade Service can take care of all of these worries for you! You're in great hands.

XenForo Optimization

  • Is your XenForo running slower than your competitors? Do you need advice on how to keep up?
  • Never fear, Brivium Optimization Service is here! We will analyze your server error logs and act accordingly. Whether it is installing the latest in caching software on your server, or installing XenForo Optimization plugins to your XenForo software, we'll find ways to make your site faster.

XenForo Convert

  • Do you want to get away from old and decrepit forum software? Is the amount of bugs driving you nuts? Does XenForo not offer an official converter for your current forum software?
  • Not to worry! Brivium Convert Service have an in-house converter system which supports most major forum software, we'll have you running on XenForo in no time!

XenForo Addons Development

  • Brivium specializes in application development. With our years of experience in both programming and design we are able to create the applications you need.
  • We love XenForo and what better way to show our love than to create popular applications that you love to install.

XenForo Styles Design

  • We are always learning new ways to design and develop and many are active participants in the web design and development community. With most of the team adept in CSS, HTML, Flash, PHP, JavaScript, Flash & jQuery Animation
  • Brivium is able to provide its customers with extremely high quality styles design.

XenForo Intergration

  • Are you tired of the default look that comes with your third-party software applications?
  • Well Brivium can integrate that software seamlessly with your design to promote a smooth and professional look and feel for your clients.