Admin Content Protection

Getting the administrator’s content incredible, untouchable with any users.

  1. Getting the administrator's content incredible, untouchable with any users.
    Description: With some administrators, they want their right in a forum must be automated. They don’t want to share their "power" to anyone else as well as their power is "eroded". With that need, we introduced you to this add-on called "Admin Content Protection".

    It will protect all the content submitted by an administrator, so no one can impact except for that admin. This add-on will make the threads and posts of the super admin untouchable in several aspects/criteria listing below:

    1) Un-Deletable Threads&Posts

    2) Un-Editable Threads&Posts

    3) Un-Moveable Threads&Posts

    4) Un-unapprovable Threads&Posts

    5) Un-Mergable Threads&Posts

    i.e. No one, besides the super admin, will be able to delete, edit, move, unapprove and merge the super admin posts.

    Each protection can be enabled/disabled separately for posts and threads.