Advanced Table BBcode

Providing for you a tool to create a table like using in Word by a BBCode.

  1. XenForo Default Editor does not usually provide for you to "creating table" as you use in Word files. If you really need this function of your site, here is our solution for that.

    Advanced Table BBCode has a main task that is providing you a code paragraph to add into your site. The Table function will display on the taskbar and you could do anything you want with the Table.

    Some main features:
    - Can create, edit and delete a table.
    - Can add or delete single rows or columns, define headers etc.
    - Can copy and paste a table, add-on will render to table BBcode.
    - Support all BBCODE tags (example IMG, MEDIA, COLOR ...) inside table BBcode.
    - Support changing properties of table, row and cell via form (easy to use)
    - Support following tag:
    table: Define a table
    th: Define a header cell in a table
    td: Define a cell in a table
    tr: Define a row in a table
    caption: Define a table caption
    colgroup: Specify a group of one or more columns in a table for formatting
    col: Specify column properties for each column within a <colgroup> element
    thead: Group the header content in a table
    tbody: Group the body content in a table
    tfoot: Group the footer content in a table
    - Support following attributions in a table BBcode
    width: Specify the width of a table
    align: Specify the alignment of a table according to surrounding texts
    border: Specify whether the table cells should have borders or not
    border-color: Specify the border color
    - Support following attribution in a td BBcode
    width: Specify the width of a cell
    colspan: Specify the number of columns should be spanned
    rowspan: Set the number of rows should be spanned
    bgcolor: Specify background color of a cell
    align: Align the content in a cell
    - Support following attribution in a BBcode table
    bgcolor: Specify a background color for a table row
    - And will support almost attributions of table tag in the future.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

    • Basic table
    • Table with headers & Vertical headers
    [TR][TD]Bill Gates[/TD]
    [TD]555 77 854[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    [TABLE][TBODY][TR][TH]First Name:[/TH]
    [TD]Bill Gates[/TD][/TR]
    [TD]555 77 854[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    • Table with empty cell
    [TABLE][TBODY][TR][TD]Some text[/TD]
    [TD]Some text[/TD][/TR]
    [TR][TD] [/TD]
    [TD]Some text[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    • Table with tags inside
    [TABLE][TBODY][TR][TD]This is a paragraph
    [COLOR=#ff0000]This is another paragraph[/COLOR]
    [TD]This cell contains a table:
    [TR][TD]This cell contains a list
    [TD="align: center"][CENTER][B]HELLO[/B][/CENTER][/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    • Table with colspan and rowspan
    [SIZE=3][B]Cell that spans two columns:[/B][/SIZE]
    [TH="colspan: 2"]Telephone[/TH][/TR]
    [TR][TD]Bill Gates[/TD]
    [TD]555 77 854[/TD]
    [TD]555 77 855[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    [SIZE=3][B]Cell that spans two rows:[/B][/SIZE]
    [TABLE][TBODY][TR][TH]First Name:[/TH]
    [TD]Bill Gates[/TD][/TR]
    [TR][TH="rowspan: 2"]Telephone:[/TH]
    [TD]555 77 854[/TD][/TR]
    [TR][TD]555 77 855[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]
    • Table with full supported tags and attributes
    [TABLE][THEAD][TR][TD] Header 01[/TD]
    [TD] Header 02[/TD]
    [TD] Header 03[/TD][/TR][/THEAD]
    [TFOOT][TR][TD]Footer 1[/TD]
    [TD]Footer 2[/TD]
    [TD]Footer 2[/TD][/TR][/TFOOT]
    [TBODY][TR][TD]This is td[/TD]
    [TD]This is td[/TD]
    [TD]This is td[/TD][/TR]
    [TR][TD][TABLE][TBODY][TR][TD]Table 2[/TD]
    [TD]Table inside[/TD][/TR]
    [TR][TD]code inside table[/TD]
    [TD]smiles inside table[/TD][/TR]
    echo 'Hello World!';
    [TD]img tag inside table
    [TD]media tag inside table
    [TR][TD="width: 200"]Cell with width attribute[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #ff0"][RIGHT]Cell with bgcolor attribute[/RIGHT][/TD]
    [TD="align: right"][RIGHT]Cell with algin attribute[/RIGHT][/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]

    This addon only supported on XenForo's default editor (Redactor).
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 2.0.8
  2. Version 2.0.7
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