Age Forums

This add-on allows to make a forum accessible based on users ages.

  1. Imagine that you want to upload some adult content on your site and set a limit of ages so people must be older than 18 years to see it! That means you must divide your content in separate area. But you don’t know how to do next because maybe people could lie to the commitment and check the place where they don’t belong to?

    In this situation, you scratch your head to find the solution and we are pleased to introduce you this add-on. By erecting a barrier, if a user is under the age set by the admin for a particular forum, they will get an error message. Of course, the admin is excluded automatically from the setting rules.

    The forums can be made age only accessible on a forum per forum basis at your Acp->Applications->Node Tree and choose the forum that you want to make it age accessible. And all the way to the bottom of the forum you will see a new option: Age: Enter there how old an user should be in order to access that particular forum.

    If a user has not specified his or her age, he or she will get an error message when trying to access the age forums informing them that they need to specify their ages in their profiles.

    By doing this, you can hide some forums out of children’s hands.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.0