Resources from Brivium

  1. Extra Navigation Menu

    Extra Navigation Menu

    An awesome add-on for you to add extra tabs and manage all of tabs on Xenforo
  2. Tellurium -  Material Design XenForo Style

    Tellurium - Material Design XenForo Style

    Booming in digital era with Material Design
  3. Og:image Tag Essential

    Og:image Tag Essential

    Specify & Optimize <og:image> tag to generate great previews on Facebook share
  4. Lanthanum


    Lanthanum Style – Highly desirable but popular Style
  5. Avatar From Username

    Avatar From Username

    This add-on allows you to create circular text avatar by picking the letter from username.
  6. Support Ticket System

    Support Ticket System

    Provide you a stunning system to create an amazing customer services on your client problems.
  7. Custom Node Style

    Custom Node Style

    A wonderful tool to change your node tree due to your favorite and make it alive.
  8. Nitrogen


    Nitrogen is the 4th free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that clean, modern and fresh.
  9. Xenon


    Xenon style is a simple XenForo style used light color same as Xenon element.
  10. Antimony


    Antimony is a free style which used cool modern style with 2 main color (read and gray) schemes
  11. Iodine


    Iodine style almost suitable for technology / Windows forum.
  12. Tin


    Where the Simplicity Becomes Art