Resources from Brivium

  1. Palladium - XenForo 2 Style

    Palladium - XenForo 2 Style

    Palladium Style – Smart, beautiful and wisdom of Athene
  2. Strontium - XenForo 2 Style

    Strontium - XenForo 2 Style

    Feeling endless with the blue of sea and enjoy the best day in a beach.
  3. Facebook Group to XenForo 2

    Facebook Group to XenForo 2

    Seeding forum is never ever easy like now. Saving time and money with Facebook Group to XenForo.
  4. Warnings Log Viewer

    Warnings Log Viewer

    This add-on allows to keep track the warning log from the Panel.
  5. Custom Node Style

    Custom Node Style

    A wonderful tool to change your node tree due to your favorite and make it alive.
  6. Credits Premium

    Credits Premium

    This add-on provides functionality for creating & managing virtual points for XenForo
  7. Advanced Profile Posts

    Advanced Profile Posts

    Let's your world know what you are thinking by differences of your profile posts.
  8. Brivium - Support Ticket System

    Brivium - Support Ticket System

    Provide you a stunning system to create an amazing customer services on your client problems.
  9. Image Lazy Loader

    Image Lazy Loader

    Image Lazy Loader improves your XenForo performance, load times and reduce server bandwidth.
  10. Donation Manager

    Donation Manager

    Easily and favorable managing the donation of all projects with Donation Manager.
  11. Extra Promotions

    Extra Promotions

    Upgrading promotions for members is never easy like now with Brivium Extra Promotions
  12. Quick Create Thread

    Quick Create Thread

    Create quickly a "Create Thread" button anywhere on the navigation bar by this add-on.