Resources from Brivium

  1. Referral Credit System

    Referral Credit System

    This is very useful add-on that extends your forum with a very effective affiliate/referral system.
  2. Brivium - Photo Swipe

    Brivium - Photo Swipe

    This add-on adds the PhotoSwipe library a beautiful, fully responsive image lightbox to your XenForo
  3. Tungsten


    Tungsten is truly simple, responsive as well as dozens of configuration options can be tweaked quick
  4. Nitrogen


    Nitrogen is the 4th free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that clean, modern and fresh.
  5. Xenon


    Xenon style is a simple XenForo style used light color same as Xenon element.
  6. Antimony


    Antimony is a free style which used cool modern style with 2 main color (read and gray) schemes
  7. Iodine


    Iodine style almost suitable for technology / Windows forum.
  8. Tin


    Where the Simplicity Becomes Art
  9. Silver


    Silver Style - Simple, Pure and Transparent Style of Brivium Styles.
  10. Krypton


    Write it on your heart that the first day of year is the beginning of the best in the year.
  11. Phosphorus


    Phosphorus is the 9th free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that flat, modern and simple.
  12. Silicon


    Silicon is the 8th free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that lightweight and dark color.