Cadmium - XenForo 2 Style

Cadmium XenForo 2 Style - Green and black in one mordern look

  1. Cadmium

    Cadmium XenForo 2 Style is what we call “Simple make perfect”. Cadmium is named under the name of Cadmium element. And it is a poisonous metal and its use is somewhat limited for this reason.

    However, when looking at this style, you can see no poison in here, just the pure and clear thing, just like blossoming flower. The navigation is put in green to relieve the warmth and hot weather.

    All the style looks like a mint.

    Pick for you right now if you love the simplicity!

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  3. Version 2.0.10

Recent Reviews

  1. Tobias Steely
    Tobias Steely - May 4, 2018
    - Version:
    Awesome, but the image says "Morden" instead of "Modern"