Client Testimonials

Taking and highlighting good responses from your customers is very easy now with Client Testimonials

  1. Do you want to highlight your site by good responses from customers? Well, "Client Testimonials" is your solution.

    Client Testimonials allows you to create unlimited numbers of certificates of customers to your site/forum. Customers could leave feedbacks and reviews through email or any contact media, the administrator could collect it and add them into their website. The admin could create by themselves some good reviews/feedbacks to raise site rankings. This action helps to get trust from customers if the site just was already born.

    - The ability to allow users to submit testimonials (approve by admin).
    - Option to display tertimonials in a variety of ways (grid, carousel, paged).
    - Ability to display testimonials anywhere by using hook:brivium_testimonials.
    - Ability to manage, add, edit, filter, delete ... testimonials on admin panel.
    - Ability to allow users submit anonymous testimonial.
    - Ability to stick testimonials to top.
    - Ability to automatically create thread in forum when a testimonial added.
    - Option to limit number of testimonials per page and layout.
    - Permission can view testimonials.
    - Permission can send testimonial.
    - Permission can send testimonial without approval.
    - Permission can send anonymous testimonial.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2.1
  2. Version 1.2.0
  3. Version 1.1.1