Comment Sorting

This add-on allows to sort and arrange posts in a thread by listing them in ways you want.

  1. There is a hero in every story that you could imagine about. What is a big deal if one day you wake up and you can’t find your own "hero comment" in "a pool of comments"? Well, that’s the situation you will meet if your thread/conversation/post had a lot of comments and you couldn’t control it. And you will come up with a question is that "How to control your hero of the story and find out what’s comment you want?".
    Yeah, now you won’t be worried about that anymore, with "Comment Sorting". You can be totally fine! This add-on allows users to list, sort and arrange some certain comments in a thread, a conversation or even a profile post according to some factors below:
    - From the oldest to the newest comments (The first comments)
    - From the newest to the oldest comments (The recent comments)
    - The comment has the most replies (Define on the number of quotes, replies, The comment has been quoted most)
    - The comment has been liked most (The most favorite comment)
    Besides, the users could choose for them which forum they could allow to use this function. It’s a favor for any forum to use this add-on.
    So, we guess that "your hero" will show up by anyway just by using this add-on, huh?
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