Credits Media Integration

This add-on combines and adds the credit pricing system into XenForo Media Gallery.

  1. XenForo Media Gallery is the system which allows users to upload the media into their own right. Combining the media system and the credit system is always the dream of many administrators of many XenForo websites. To encourage users posting more useful content and engage them more on your site, we introduce the newest add-on of us – The greatest system and smart choice for both functions: XenForo Media and XenForo Credit.

    This add-on will create a system for pricing media and allows administrator to manage and control it by their own in their own forum. It could be an amazing system with any XenForo sites which want to develop civilized sharing system.

    Notice: You need to install Credit Premiums first before downloading and installing this add-on.

    - Define the actions linking both basic functions of XenForo Media Gallery and Credits Premium system.
    + Allow administrator to install a number of credits (currency) assigned that users could be used for each time they upload media; or the number of credits will be reduced if they delete media.
    + Download Media: The administrator could install the indicators related to the transaction fees of downloading media like: fee, tax, the objects being charged fees (Media owner, downloaders, or both). This fee will be counted according to the formula of Credits Premium.
    - Install the valuation function for media by a number of credits: This function is used when users upload media, they have options of choosing currency and enter the number of money as the same with the value of media. After pricing, if other users want to download media, their accounts must have over or the same amount of credits to pay for downloading media (The amount required is the price of the media and can be added the transaction costs).
    - Report Media: When the media resources have been reported by somebody, the media uploader could be added or minus a fixed number of credits set by
    the administrator.
    - Received Report Media: Add or minus credits for users who have reported media.
    - View full size of media: When a user want to view the full size of media, the media uploader could receive amount of credits (plus or minus).
    - Media get views: When the number of media views reaches a level set by admin in the Option box (Media View Count), the uploader could receive an
    amount of credits (plus or minus).
    - Like a media: Plus or minus a fixed number of credits for users who like/unlike a media.
    - Receive a Media Like: Plus or minus a fixed number of credits for media uploader when somebody likes/dislikes their media.
    - Rate Media: When a user rate for a media, he/she receives some credits for that action.
    - Receive rating: When a media has high rating, (for example: 5 stars, set by admin in the Option box), the uploaders could receive credits for that.
    - Media get rating: When the rating turn of a media reaches a level, the uploaders could receive credits for that. The rating number will be
    calculated by the admin in the Option box (Media rate count).
    - Tag Members in Media: when a user tags other members on the media, he/she could receive some credits (plus or minus).
    - Comment Media: A user who attends to the conversation about a media, could receive some credits (plus or minus).
    - Received a comment: The uploaders who receive comments on their media could be added or minus some credits for those comments.
    - Set media as avatar: Plus or minus credits for the user who uses a media as his/her avatar.
    - User set media as avatar: Plus or minus credits for media uploaders whose media is used as an avatar.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2.1
  2. Version 1.2.0
  3. Version 1.1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. joey_tbf
    joey_tbf - Jul 2, 2015
    - Version: 1.2.0
    Excellent Add-on!! Tons of features!!
    This is my favourite add-on attached to Credits Premium.
    Lots of ways to motivate members to upload images and videos to the Media Gallery.
    Thanks to the developer who made this. You did an excellent job. 5 Stars!