Credits Resource Integration

This add-on supports users in transactions on RM by using credits instead of money

  1. You are looking for resources such as files and tutorials or other articles like content alongside your normal forum on Resource Manager and you do not want to pay cash? Here you are our solution – “Credit Resource Integration”. This add-on supports users in transactions on Resource Manager by using credit instead of money.

    This add-on can be understood that a currency for Resources e-commerce market when people could buy and sell any resource they have. Prices of resources are between buyers and sellers. Credit Resource Integration allows users to buy resources by using credits. It also allows resources’ up-loaders receiving credits with a percentage of commission fixed by administrators when someone purchases their resources. After the transactions, system could store all actions in activity logs and users could review during your account. Admin could view, filter, order list of transactions and also activate or deactivate them and they decide the list of resources for purchasers and sellers.

    - Define action allows users to purchase resources (Resource Manager) by using Credits (Credits Premium).
    - Define action allows resource's uploaders can receive Credits (with % commission set by admin) when someone purchases their resources.
    - Allow resource's uploaders to defines resource's price.
    - Fully supports Credits' alert system: Alert when users purchased resource or someone purchased their resources.
    - Fully supports Credits' transaction system: Store all purchases action on transaction logs.
    - Admin can view, filter, order list of purchased transactions and can active/deactive purchaseds.
    - Admin can exclude which affected resource categories these action should be forced on to.
    - Allow buyers to sees list resources purchased.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

    This add-on requires XenForo Resource Manager and Brivium - Credits Premium.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.4.8
  2. Version 1.4.7
  3. Version 1.4.6

Recent Reviews

  1. soncuti
    soncuti - Feb 8, 2014
    - Version: 1.3.2
    Good . i hope Brivium will make it better
  2. Janissary
    Janissary - Jan 7, 2014
    - Version: 1.3.1
    i have smart market with xenforo RM and your BRCRI thank you .