Default Registration Group

This add-on will divide the new members into other small groups.

  1. In general, the situation now is that who is called New Members will have many types: new registered members, members who registered for a long time ago, but have very few activities, old members but no longer contact in a long time before..., members attend the forum for a time but not enough time and likes/trophies to get the other titles...

    And to encourage and cheer that kind of members more than that, this add-on is designed for administrators to divide their members into other small groups. For example, the admin could divide who has been active in the group for 6 to under 12 months as the secondary new member group, the newest members who act in forum under 6 months will be the primary new members. And admin can rule that the secondary group will have a little bit more right than the counterpart. It will stimulate the primary group's action and creation.

    The process is automatic. All you have to do after you install the add-on, is to enter the group ID for each setting that you want the new members to be placed automatically after they register at your forum.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.1