Dev / Staff Tracker

Following-up every movement of any users you choose at any time you want easily and endurable.

  1. Do you want to follow each movement of every developer/staff of your forum? You don’t want to miss any new notice of a staff? We support you this application. With Dev Tracker, it allows you to answer the question – "Who’s doing what and for how long?"

    This add-on will help you to keep an eye on any user groups you want to track them. For each movement of users, you could see whenever someone post a new thread, reply any threads or edit something. It is very convenient for an administrator of a game forum to guide for new users or any forum on the Internet. This application also allows to filter the tracking log according the name of users or the time you want to display the log. And every time a new thing is created, the Dev Tracker is also adding a new line of that activity. With Dev Tracker, you are always updating the newest information at your forum.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2.2
  2. Version 1.2.1
  3. Version 1.2.0