Edit Threads & Posts Alert

This add-on will send an alert to thread owner of editing it.

  1. This add-on will send an alert to thread starters whenever their threads has been edited through the Edit Thread link in the Thread Tools in thread view. By doing this, the owner will know what happened to their threads even they are busy on something else.

    It will also send an alert to an user whenever his/her post/s has been edited.
    By editing it means that whenever the Save Change button has been pressed after the Edit button has been pressed in a post/thread, regardless if the content was edited or not. i.e. it does not log the edited content but only the save of the edit action.

    You can enable each setting separately by going to the Acp->Options->Threads, Discussions and Conversations and down the middle you will see 2 options. Edit Threads Alert! & Edit Posts Alert!

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.1