Extra Promotions

Upgrading promotions for members is never easy like now with Brivium Extra Promotions

  1. Do you feel frustrated with the Xenforo promotion system? Do you worried about encouraging new members? Do you want to make your forum livelier? This could be done totally if you own a promotion system yourself without too much dependence on Xenforo system. So we introduce to you a new-born add-on. With the ability of allowing you to schedule automatic promotions, your forum will be fabulous than ever. Besides, we support you, the administrators, more, with special extra functions to create automatic announcements to the whole forum about one promotion. This could be great when you are too busy and cannot take care too much for your members.

    Extra Promotions Add-on allows to broaden the system of User Group Promotions of Xenforo. By installing this add-on, administrators can set up the timetable for each every promotions which will be run in a specific day of a month or a week (The default system of Xenforo is only allow that all promotions will run in a specific day according to the system), it means that the administrator can choose what date the promotion could be launched. This add-on also provides for administrator some necessary details for each every promotion, for example the conditions to receive promotion or benefits that users can get with those promotions, etc. The description and title of promotion have their respective parameters, which admin can display it through the notification for users.

    Each promotion has their options to turn on/off the notifications or announcements sending to users. Those notices are created depending on the options of add-on.

    - If an announcement is in form of a thread or a post: the system of add-on will list all users who receive a respective promotion.
    - If an announcement is in form of a conversation or an email, there is an alert which will be sent to users who receive the respective promotion.

    Besides, this add-on also provides some filtering conditions to aim to a group of users who will receives the promotion, the extra conditions are listed below:

    The user who receives the promotion must have been satisfied some conditions:
    - He/She has tagged at least X posts.
    - He/She has fewer than X warning posts.
    - He/She has reported at least X posts.
    - He/She has posted in the last X months.

    Notes: Cron entry: User Group Promotions and Brivium Announcement Promotion must be set up the same timeline, so the users can receive notifications when they get a promotion.

    So what are you waiting for? Just come and pick up our product right today, you’ll own the power of tomorrow!

    Brivium Extra Promotions is dying to be picked up as one of your add-ons in your favorite list!

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  1. Version 1.0.2
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