Extra Resource Icon

This add-on will help to making the resource reliable by marking it with the icon.

  1. If you need an add-on to illustrate your resource icon into some funny face, you definitely need "Extra Resource Icon".

    This add-on allows users to add some funny icon like Smiley icon, Yahoo icons,… before the resource's name displaying in the resource list. It makes content lively and vividly and also sticks post/threads by a different way.

    - Allow users to add icons into the title of resources in the resource list.
    - Administrator could manage those icons (support CSS Sprite).
    - Administrator could choose which category that will be applied those resources’ icons.
    - Administrator could set the permissions to allow and not the user groups to add that icon into their resources.
    - Administrator could choose the position to display icon (after or before the resource prefix).

    Some Options so you can choose from list:
    - Choose the category applied for icons
    - Position of icon: Before or After the Prefix
    - Choose the default icon

    NOTES: Please make sure that add-on XenForo Resource Manager (https://xenforo.com/purchase/) is installed before start to install this add-on.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.1