Extra Thread Item

Keep your users staying with you more by adding more threads under what they read.

  1. If you want your users could stay on your pages with a longer time, you could choose Extra Thread Item for this purpose.

    This add-on allows to display some older, latest, related posts under the current post. It helps to suggest for readers some contents that might be interested in them, so they could go around and check all over the forum to read what they concern. By doing this, you could keep your user to stay for a while, which could reach your site's trust to a new higher level. This tool is very suitable for posts/threads containing knowledge or providing the advises or necessary information...

    - List the related, latest, random older and newer threads with the present thread in the same category or in the all forums.
    - Ability to enable/disable each extra threads type.
    - Ability to limit number of threads for each extra threads type.
    - Ability to set number day to rebuild extra thread item caches.
    - Ability to show/hide thread tooltip.
    - Permission to view extra thread items for certain usergroup / node.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.4
  2. Version 1.1.3
  3. Version 1.1.2