Hide Threads According to Title

This add-on allows users to hide the threads according to the standards of administrators.

  1. Have you ever thought that you don’t want to allow some users to see your thread/content you posted? Well, it is not because you’re selfish, that because you don’t like some spammers and jerks? Or, it’s simple that you just want somebody you know clearly in reality to see your post? If that, this add-on is extremely helpful for you.

    This add-on allows administrators to install the standards of users to approach the threads/forums via a thread code system. If a thread is including a thread code, only the users satisfied all the standards ruled in the thread code could see the content of that thread. Other users who could not that thread will see the necessary standards to see that content. Based on that, the users who do not have enough standards to see the thread could control those factors to reach with that content. Notice that the thread owners always have permissions to see and comment in their own threads. The administrators could set up to hide just the first post in the thread.

    This thread code is completely flexibility because all the conditions displaying the thread covering the thread code are ruled by the administrators. This could benefit for the forums in general and the XenForo Forum in personal.

    Thread Code Management

    In the page Admin/Applications/ Threads&Posts section, create another link connecting to the Thread Code page to display the list of codes applied for hiding threads to guests according to title.
    1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel/ Application .
    2. Click in thread codes from the list on the left hand.
    From that, you could see a list with all the default thread code and other codes in that. Click on the title of thread code, you could see, edit or delete them. Thread code could be unable or enable again.

    Create a Thread Code
    To create a new thread code, please click in the button “Create New Thread Code”. A new tab will appear, the page “Add/Edit Code” will allow you the enter information and choose the conditions for the thread code. If there is no standards to choose, the threads will be displayed always.

    Standards Approaching for the Thread Code
    Similar to the standard control system of XenForo, the thread code system is used with some applying standards, such as:
    User criterias
    - User status.
    - User groups.
    - Messages, like, and trophy point count.
    - Like to message ratio.
    - Number of days registered.
    - User profile settings.
    - Specific user criteria, For example: user name or email address...
    Date Criterias
    In a thread code, if the date condition is set up, it means that thread including thread code is displayed during days fitting in with the conditions set before.