Keyword Links - XenForo 2 Add-on

Keyword Links – Less time for SEO and better work performance for your sites.

  1. Nowadays, when you want to make advertisements through your websites, the easiest and also most common way to do so is to add/hashtag links into the keywords/phrases that have been defined. It is one of many ways of making SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your websites.

    However, most of the time this way needs to be humanizing (Means that it has done manually), and there is no support from the machine. With this new add-on, we want to make that work much more lightly. You do not need to sit the whole time in front of your computer and all your works can be finished faster than in the past.


    - Keywords Management:

    + Adding, editing, deleting, activating keywords or phrases.
    + Allowing to customize the properties of links when creating keywords.
    + Allowing to create a group of keywords/phrases to manage easily.
    - Automatically finding keywords that have been defined in a thread or a post, or a conversation to add links.