Lanthanum Style – Highly desirable but popular Style

  1. intro_lanthanum

    Lanthanum Style is named under the name of Lanthanum element – the 57th element in the periodic table of chemical elements. This element is known with so much benefits but not so hard to be found in the surface of the earth – Just like this style with so a bunt of good changes that we would like to show you.

    With the new change of the look, we hope to bring back a whole new experience with this new style. We have tried to put the transparent theme under the navigation to create more layers, so the viewers will feel like they are walking under a sky with zillion of stars and keeping them to not get off eyes of the screen and get more depth for the style – Like wearing a 3D-Glass.

    Moreover, this style fully supports XenForo Resource Manager and Media Gallery. This is totally suitable for buyers who use XenForo official add-ons. Due to any aspect, we all always guarantee to let the users experiencing the unique style and also unique website.

    Besides, you can totally get a 50% sale off for our two other products, Custom Node Style and Quick Create Thread. We also encourage you to buy those two products. Custom Node Style will allow users to look in the site and its boxes under grid form instead of those boring and monotonic boxes. And Quick Create Thread will give the users more experiences in creating thread anywhere from your site. We guarantee you that this combination will give you the favorable website, as your wish and your users as well.

    So what are you waiting for? Just pick this new style for your own and experience not only the whole new fresh style but the great support from Brivium Support Team.


Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.5.22
  2. Version 1.5.21
  3. Version 1.5.16

Recent Reviews

  1. mr101google
    mr101google - Feb 19, 2017
    - Version: 1.5.12
    Fantastic style, they just need to make more clear that it only runs on latest xenforo versions. I had 1.5.4 and it wouldn't work, had to pay to upgrade to 1.5.12 in order for it to work. The works with 1.5 is sorta misleading.
  2. Pabs
    Pabs - Jan 3, 2017
    - Version: 1.5.11
    I love the theme and how its expresses my site to what I want my customers see and I've seen a great traffic increase because of this new theme