Login As User - XenForo 2 Add-on

Login As User – Monitoring your websites even you lost admin’s power over your site.

  1. Losing control over your website is the last thing you want for your business. With this add-on, we support all administrators with a Xenforo platform to have an easier way to log-in their sites. In another hand, sometimes, you want to monitor your site with a specific User ID to delete harmful post/conversations or to channel the community in another way, so this add-on is for you.

    Add-on will allow the staffs to enter as a specific user in the community. It can allow to set-up as compulsory or not specify the reasons of log-in. Besides, the add-on allows administrators to set-up and enter the user IDs that the administrator cannot log-in to the website because of the security problem.


    - Options

    + Check/ uncheck “Require reason when login”
    + Enter user IDs list that staffs cannot login under that ID (Security Problem)​

    - Permission

    + Allow user to use the function “Login as user”
    - Provide the form Login as user outside of the homepage with the Username you want to log-in and you need to enter the reason why you do that.

    Notice: All European companies should be aware of GDPR law and should notice your users as the European citizens about this add-on if you attempt to use this
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