Manage Own Attachments - XenForo 2 Add-on

Manage Own Attachments - Put your attachments in a systematic way.

  1. You are familiar with group works or teamwork which requests to upload attachments or files into platforms like Facebook, Twitter or forum, websites… The problem you met when you upload your owned attachments is that you hardly find them again and even if you can, it will be in a chaos-order that you just feel desperate whenever you want to find it and attach it again. Don’t worry, this add-on will give you an amazing tool which allows you to manage totally all attachments that you have uploaded in the posts or conversations of your website. You can easily fix, delete and search the attachments in your own dashboard.


    - Permission to add-on
    + Can manage your owned attachments.
    + Can re-upload the attachments you choose.
    + Can filter attachments when editing posts.
    - Attachment manager
    + Allow users to see all attachments that they already uploaded in posts/conversations
    + The users could make a list of attachments in order to the most recent seen or the size-rank of the attachment.
    + The users could edit (re-upload) or delete the attachment
    + A user could search attachment in according to some criteria like content types, date presets.
    + The user could arrange attachments when they upload/edit them in posts/conversations or when they create a new thread.​

Recent Reviews

  1. bolandnick18
    bolandnick18 - Jul 26, 2018
    - Version: 1.0.0
    It needed to support with XenForo resources manager and XenForo media Gallery

    It needed as well lot of huge improvement to this addon