Notify on Proxy Registrations

Warning administrators about accessing site from a proxy registration.

  1. In some forums, because of the sensitive reasons, some members are prohibited to see certain sites. And the rules of some sites mentioned very clearly about some issues to avoid almost conflict jumping outside. With that rules and prohibition, some users are still recalcitrant and try to log in the website by all cost. That's the reason for the creation of this add-on - "Notify Admin on Proxy Registrations"

    This add-on will send an email to the admin whenever an user registers behind a possible proxy server. It scans for ports 80 and 443 which are regular open proxy ports. By doing this, some strange proxy users will be warned and noticed if they go against rules and have any unusual actions.

    Note: As you know there is no such way of detecting all proxy servers out there, but it helps a lot. We tested it with a dozen proxies and it recognized 8 of them.

    After you install the add-on, go to Options in your Acp, then to User Registration and all the way to the bottom there is a new option called: Proxy Email Notification! Enter there the email address that you want to receive the proxy notification emails. If that option is left blank that the proxy email notifications will be emailed to the default email that you have entered at Options->Email Options->Default Email.

    For more info please see the attached screenshots.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.1