Partner System

Partner System is an add-on which will list all the partners of your site or your business.

  1. Do you need to find a tool to list all your partners of your site? Please check our add-on. The add-on “Partner System” allows to show all your site’s partners or affiliates, your site. By doing this, the new partners or your potential customers could evaluate your business condition as well as your business relationships more for recommending the invitation, proposal to do business together. It’s a chance to show your connection network for others and open your works more.


    • Display partners on the whole system in both navigation tabs and footer links
    • Adding character (rel = “nofollow”) for all links
    • Showing links to display the partner’s website in the new tab
    • Exclude the following usergroups in the partner link
    • Allow to “Visit website” of the partner
    • Sort partners by categories or prefixes
    With each partner: The add-on will allow to show the name of partner, the logo or avatar, a short description and the button to link to the homepage of that partner.


    • Allow to view partner system of administrator will all users;
    • Allow users to use partner system of their own ways
    • Allow users to edit their partner
    • Allow users to delete their partner
    • Allow administrator to manage the user’s partners.
    When an user submit to the administrator a partner, the administrator could have right of approved or unapproved the partner of user suggested. It means the admin could launch that partner on the system or not.

    When an user clicks in the prefix or category, they could see all the partners with the same type of prefix/category.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.1