PHP/HTML/BB Code Sidebar Blocks

This add-on will allow you to add/create unlimited custom sidebar blocks at your forum.

  1. This mod will allow you to add/create unlimited custom sidebar blocks at your forum.

    Installation: First unzip the mod package and ftp the library folder inside to the root of your forum folder. Then go to your Acp->Add-ons->Install New Add-on->Install from uploaded file:
    Click the Browse button, locate the addon.xml file inside the mod package and hit the Install Add On button.

    Then to add unlimited sidebar blocks and manage them go to: Admin Panel->Home->Custom Sidebar Blocks.

    To add sidebar blocks click the Create Sidebar Blocks button. There you can choose the type of block that you want to add, html, php or Smiley&BB Code, enter the title and the content of the block and choose the display order.

    For each block you can set the following options:

    1) Make it active/disable it

    2) Choose the type of the block (HTML, PHP, BBCode)

    3) Add the Title

    4) Add the Content

    5) Choose the display order.

    To manage the sidebars that you added click the List Sidebar Blocks button.

    To use php in your content, use the $output variable to out put the code. For ex:
    $output = 'Hello World!';
    return $output;
    Or to display the user 's name:
    $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance();
    $output = "Hello ". $visitor['username']. ".";
    return $output;
    To allow a group(s) to view the custom sidebar blocks, go to the User Group Permissions->General->Can view custom sidebar blocks:: Set this to allow and save the changes.

    To have a more detailed idea of how it looks like when being used, please check out the attached screenshots.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.1
  2. Version 1.1.0
  3. Version 1.0.2