Phrase Extended - XenForo 2 Add-on

Phrase Extended - Phrase management in XenForo 2 is easy

  1. You are a XenForo developer or a webmaster and you are facing with troubles from creating phrases, auto filling phrase text or finding add-on's missing phrases? Well, then don't look any further! Brivium introduces you a useful add-on which helps you solve all of above issues.

    Key features:
    - Check add-on's missing phrases then autoo fill phrase text easily with one click. It also supports param on a phrase and you can recognize missing phrase location.
    - Easy to create multiple phrases with `Add 1`, `5`, `10` and `20` buttons.
    - Quickly fill and format phrase text by getting value from phrase title with text-transform function
    + 'Proper Case'
    + 'Sentence case'
    + 'Lowercase'
    - And much more ...