Poll Manager

An useful add-on helps to manage all your poll voting of your site and great support for any users.

  1. You want to manage all the polls voting in your forum and you want no one to attend into it except for you? Well, to solve out all those problems, we have specially created Poll Manager for you. It is a simple task manager, helping you in managing all poll votings of your forum.

    Poll Manager is a flexible XenForo component in poll management and optimization. It is easy to create Poll modules on your website, however it is not easy to manage all of them. Whenever a poll is created in your site, you could receive a notification or alert and keep track it when it has done. Poll Manager gets user-friendly interface design. Furthermore, setting options are fully customizable to determine the maximum choice before voting and time interval between two consecutive votes. The add-on could also allow the administrator to filter and list all the polls which have created by a specific user.