Quick Create Resource

Create quickly a "Add Resource" button anywhere and link in the navigation bar by this add-on.

  1. Do you want to add resource in resource manager directly just by a click without seeing the resource category? Just purchase this add-on and we could give you a miracle to do that.

    This add-on adds a "Add Resource" button and link in the navigation bar so that your users can create a new resource from anywhere on the forums. The list of resource categories should respect all permissions.


    - Can choose resource categories which will be ignored on the list of forums can add resources.
    - Permission to grant User groups / Users which don't want to show quick create resource button.
    - Can choose create resource button position (top sidebar or bottom sidebar or top breadcrumb)

    Notice: You need to install XenForo Resource Manager first before downloading and installing this add-on.

Recent Reviews

  1. rafass
    rafass - May 26, 2015
    - Version: 1.0.0
    Super useful, I love it. Thank you Brivium!