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This add-on will add an advanced star user rating system to your forum.

  1. Rating an user is a very interesting idea for people on a forum. Like rating anything else, an user will receive a rating for themselve through this system.

    Star ratings are as follow:

    1 star = Terrible
    2 stars = Poor
    3 stars = Average
    4 stars = Good
    5 stars = Excellent

    Ratings can be set so they can be given anonymously as well for users with permissions to rate anonymously. You can also leave a comment as well to go with your rating point(s). The comments can be required or optional. Staff will be excluded from this restriction.

    After ratings, users have also the option to remove it. This is group permission based. Users whose rating(s) will be removed will receive an alert informing them of that fact. Receiving of rating deletion alerts can be enabled/disabled at users profiles->Alert Preferences->Deletes your reputation.

    Deletion of ratings is time based (minutes). By default it is set to 0 minutes. Meaning users will not be able to delete their ratings at all. If you want to change that then at the 0 field enter the number of minutes that you want your users to wait before they will be able to delete their own ratings. If you do not want to have a limit at all for rating deletion, set it to Unlimited.

    Users will be notified through an alert whenever their profiles have been rated. If an user and/or users do not want to receive an alert they can disable them at their profiles->Alert Preferences-Ratings.

    You can choose to display the most positive rated users at the sidebar, to show the average ratings stats for users in their postbits, visitor panel, member card. You can also display the most positive rated users at the Notable page.

    An overall overview of all user ratings in your forum can be seen at Acp->Tools->User Rating Log. There is also the Recount And Rebuild tool. Running this tool will delete ratings left and received by and from deleted users. Note that this may take a while in big forums with large numbers of ratings. You can delete the rating entries as well and you can also search for ratings left by users. You can also clear all the ratings.

    And as last but not least, you can delete all the ratings given by an user in one fell swoop. To do that, when editing an user, under the Action drop down tab there is a new option added called: Delete All User Ratings. Click it and run it.

    After you install the mod go to the group(s) that you want to use the Thread Rating System and when editing that group permissions, all the way to the bottom you will see a new permission setting added: User Rating. It has 9 permissions.

    1) Can rate users:

    2) Can rate users anonymously:

    3) Daily rating limit. Leave 0 for no limit:

    4) Can view ratings for own profiles only:

    5) Can view ratings for all profiles:

    6) Can view anonymous ratings for own profiles only:

    7) Can view anonymous ratings for all profiles:

    8) Can delete own ratings:

    9) Time limit on deleting own ratings (minutes):

    Set them accordingly and save the changes.

    The mod settings can be found at Acp->Options->User Ratings. There you can:

    1) Ratings Stats!

    2) Rating Comment Required!

    3) Most Positive Users Sidebar!

    4) Users Number!

    5) Notable Page!

    Set them accordingly and save the changes.

    You may use one copy per forum. If you wish to purchase multiple licenses please let me know so we can work out a discount.
    For more info please check the attached screenshots.
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