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This add-on will point out the most recent posts of forum at the top of the board index.

  1. You want to see a forum with a timeline's order? This will help that wish.
    By adding the most recent posts of your forum at the top of forum's board index, it means you could see easily the newest information right at the moment you enter the forum. It give the administrators of the site a huge advantage which is that people will get the information faster and don't miss the chance to catch up the hot news.

    It is similar to Smf does but in more advanced way. Invisible posts and posts started by banned members will not show up. Also the group/groups that does/have not permissions to view a forum, will not be able to see the posts from the forum/forums that they are not allowed to view. And the posters names will be styled if the group they belong to is styled.
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  1. Version 1.1.0