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Improving the readers' experiences by adding more articles from the author with the thread viewing.

  1. This is the era of content when people always want more and more things to be put in a tiny windows. Driving audience is not easy to do, especially with the top readers.

    Human brains have a bizarre mechanism. Although there are many reasons to like about some content, people are actually impressed by the style of writers. Some readers just like to read content or articles from a group of people, maybe some well-known experts they have known for a very long time, some professionals…

    In order for an advertiser to capture the attention of a target audience today, the site’s content must stand on its own. The audience will vote with its fingers and click or tap away from the content if it's not interesting, useful, or even amazing. In light of this fact, effective advertising has to live up to this promise.

    By studying this, we create this mod based on the users’ experiences. They can see the most recent posts of the author of the thread that user is watching. Audiences could understand more about the knowledge as well as the information they expect to find out with the same writing style.

    We give you some optional choices, you could allow to display the recent threads above the thread, below the first post or below the thread.

    You could optimize the number of threads displayed.

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  1. cepedit
    cepedit - Apr 17, 2015
    - Version: 1.1.0
    Great add-on. Great update.thanks brivium