The Rhodium Style - Black rose are rare and elegant

  1. Rhodium

    Rhodium Style naming for Rhodium elemen with symbol Rh and atomic number 45. It is a rare, silvery-white, hard, and chemically inert transition metal. Rhodium was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston in one such ore, and named for the rose color of one of its chlorine compounds.

    Rhodium is totally black out. Hive structure creates the feelings of floating surface and makes the forum background could be seen very clearly. The menu font text is put under the green of LED light. It looks like the light from small bulbs in the dark cold night.

    The structure of menu and even dashboard is kept as simple as we can in the same navigation bar to make it original.

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  1. TuPadreEltuerto
    TuPadreEltuerto - Apr 6, 2018
    - Version: 1.5.16
    muy guapo
    JUPITER - Apr 3, 2018
    - Version: 1.5.16
    bueno pero es mas complejo al instalarlo
  3. Sor1k
    Sor1k - Apr 24, 2017
    - Version: 1.5.12