RM Usergroup Download Permission

Making a dynamic market by giving uploaders rights to decentralize download resources.

  1. You want to add some extra heat to your market forum by creating a system where the uploaders could grant permissions to any usergroups they want to download a resource? Well, Brivium supports you with this add-on “RM Usergroup Download Permissions”.

    This is an easy adjustment add-on which could allow uploaders switch and choose which group could download any resources on Resource Manager. It will devide a resource into common category or well-known group or medium-popular add-on. So the developers could raise the rating rate of their add-ons. By doing this, the group which could not have permissions to download must buy permission for those. It is a good kind of making business.

Recent Reviews

  1. fmsc88
    fmsc88 - Oct 17, 2015
    - Version: 1.0.0