Rock Paper Scissors

Try your hand at Rock, Paper, Scissors in a new and exciting way, right on your XenForo.

  1. Version 1.1.0 May 5, 2014
    0/5, votes

    - Added permission to view RPS.
    - Added permission to play game with computer.
    - Added maximum computers play per day permission.
    - Added permission to play game with specify member.
    - Added permission to play game with random member.
    - Added maximum challenge per day permission.
    - Added play with random user (base on competitor's permission and privacy).
    - Added play statistics feature.
    + Included win, lose and play times by daily, weekly, monthly and all times.
    + Display user statistics in history page.
    + Display challenge computer and challenge member statistics in play page.
    - Added option number of players display in statistics widget.
    - Added user's privacy to set who can challenge.
    - Fixed errors on tax, fee and maximum amount not working.
    - Fixed missing phrases with Credit Lite.
    - Minor bugs fixes.
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