Schedule Conversation

Schedule time for your messages you want to send to anybody in the future time.

  1. This add-on allows users to schedule the conversation and send to receivers on time you want. It is suitable for busy people and they can be at the exact time to notice others about any changes in their works/lives or updating about new products for their customers.

    If you want to start a conversation in the future time, we offer you this solution “Schedule Conversation”. This add-on is a plug-in added into your conversation function to help you to schedule date and time of the conversation. Users could manage list of scheduled conversation in Settings of users by adding, editing, deleting, viewing in the list. Developers also support format 12 hours or 24 hours as your choice.

    - Ability to send schedule conversation / conversation message.
    - Ability to manage (run/stop/continue/edit/delete) scheduled conversations / conversation messages.
    - Ability to set permission to send schedule conversation for specific usergroup.
    - Ability to set time format (12/24 hours)
    - Ability to set the number of characters could be displayed in schedule message list.