Share on Wall

Sharing anything you care about on your profile just with only one click right on XenForo.

  1. Sharing is the basic need of human beings even in the virtual world. According to a statistic, people shared the information or content mostly because it is a way to support the causes or issues they care about.

    Due to that kind of demand, the experts put Share button in all websites, forums or social networks to push people share more.

    Following that tendency, Brivium created this add-on which could help to add a Share button in your XenForo sites.

    - Function of sharing the post on your wall or on the other member’s wall in the forum: The content of the sharing post will display thumbnail, the title and the default text paragraph “I see this useful post, please check it out…” (The default text set up by the administrator) – User could share and edit the content of sharing message.
    - Function of sharing resources/media on your wall or on the wall of other member in the forum: This feature is similar to the first one, the add-on allows the user to share resources or even media on the wall.

    So do you wonder how to share a content? Please follows those steps below to do so.
    Step 1: Choose the “Share” function.
    Step 2: Add/Edit the sharing message.
    Step 3: Choose those options: Share on your wall/ Share on other’s wall => Please enter the username that you want to share with.

    When you finish this step, there will be an alert displayed that “AAA has posted on your wall”. The author of the sharing content also receives an alert that “xx has shared your content”.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.3
  2. Version 1.0.2
  3. Version 1.0.1