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Help you to detect weirdo login action in a flash !

  1. Today not only real resources in our world such as forest, water, or air is valuable and honorable, but also online resources like information, big data could be threated and in a long run of a shortage. However, we can manage those side effects by using our add-on. That’s right! We created this add-on to prevent a member sharing the right to use a premium add-on to other members, because it is against Copyright law and prevents the buyers reducing sales and profits of sellers. We can assure a friendly online market to everyone.

    Our add-on could help you with that thinking. Through a special system, we can alert you when you have somebody in your forum going to different places in a same time, because a person cannot be in different places in a same time unless they have power to teleport or they are not human-being. So this system will allow to execute some banning actions when somebody shows signals of hacking or faking accounts.

    This add-on allows us for banning users automatically or changing state of users when the system detects that this user logs on into one same device (it could be desktop, mobile, or tablet) in 2 different places in the same time. Moreover, the banned user and the administrator could receive alerts about banning problem.
    Besides, our add-on provides customization functions, so admin could choose some exception usergroups that could not be applied this function. Two kinds of announcements could be sent to admins are alerts and conversation.

    - With banning action: the banned user will receive an email noticed about the reason of why they have been banned (the reason will be set by admin in Options).
    - With the users that have been changed states when th- Initial Release.ey logged on: Admin can choose to send them notice via alert or conversation to users.

    Choose our product today to protect your forum soon!

    With a reasonable price (only 15$) , we would like to bring you the best experience ever of owning Brivium add-on.
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