Sticky Threads using Paypal

Help the user’s content shined by anchoring it on top of forum page using Paypal.

  1. Imagine you are an administrator of a popular site and your users want to highlight their content? They want to stick that content on top? Thus, we offer you this solution "Sticky Thread Using Paypal".

    This add-on will allow users to spin their thread on top of page by using Paypal for payment during a time because Paypal is a common payment method. This plug-in is especially effective in forums with business lists or classifications where being on the top is desirable. It likes an anchor helping anchoring user’s content and highlighting some important information, such as Rules of Forum/Site/Box…or some interesting facts/content… and when a newbie comes, he/she can catch up with what happened inside while they might not check it up for a while.

    - Admin can set option to allow users can choose start sticky date.
    - Admin can set stick price to work on a per-forum basis or globally.
    - Admin can manage sticked threads by all users.
    - Provides 2 price types: fixed price per day and step price.
    - Allow to set purchase sticky permission for specific usergroup / node.
    - Users can manage sticked threads via My Sticky Threads.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.0