[Store Product] Sell Integer Permission

Provide for users certain integer permissions by this add-on of Store Framework.

  1. It's a product of Store Framework (You can download freely from our website). By installing it, you could provide for user Interger permission to buy some privileges by their credits within a certain limit.

    Imagine that you could have a unique signature by smiley, quoting some famous quotes from people you admire or you are popular because of your be-on-top sharing content. Is it wonderful? It's what you can do by purchasing "Sell Integer Permission". So, administrators could sell those permissions at their stores, and users could buy it by credits. This means differently to "Sell Integer Permission". By using "Sell Integer Permission", administrators could set quantity limit of time or number depending on objects mentioned.

    - Working with almost default XenForo integer permission. Example:
    ++ General Permissions - Maximum tag alerts per message
    ++ Forum Permissions - Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes)
    ++ Forum Permissions - Maximum vote points per thread
    ++ Avatar Permissions - Maximum large avatar file size (bytes)
    ++ Personal Conversation Permissions - Time limit on editing own messages (minutes)
    ++ Personal Conversation Permissions - Maximum conversation recipients
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum printable characters
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum lines
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum links
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum images
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum Smilies
    ++ Signature Permissions - Maximum text size (1 - 7)
    - And 3rd party XenForo add-ons integer permission. Example:
    ++ [XenTag] Max tags per thread
    ++ [XenTag] Max tags per resource
    ++ ....

    - You can define products that it allows user purchases permission to use links, images, smilies at signature.
    - You can define products that allows user purchases permission to
    have unlimited tag alerts per message.
    - ...

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

    - Please make sure that add-on Store Framework (http://brivium.com/resources/store-framework.42/) is installed before start to install this
    - We recommend that global integer permission must smaller than integer permission product's value.
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