Style Demo Switcher

Style Demo Switcher is used to testing compatibility of the configuration and layout.

  1. You are a developer and you want to looking for all of the styles displayed on any devices like mobile phone (Smartphone), tablet, PC computer or notebook laptop… to make sure that your product could display on any devices without crushes? Well, if you are considering about that, we can support you with our “Style Demo Switcher”.

    This is a demo bar that could be shown on top of a page, allows users to preview style before adding officially. You could have ability to create unlimited style demo previews and display it on any device screen & linked into to the purchaser’s page. The system supports also an unlimited store of style tags to identify and filter styles. You could share those styles to preview on any social networks to take the responses of their friends, colleagues… about it. This add-on uses to test compatibility of the configuration and layout. Another part of this add-on are helping others with SEO (Search Engine Optimize).

    - Ability to create unlimited style demo previews.
    - Ability to display style preview & linked in to purchase page & style preview URL.
    - Unlimited style tags that supports to identify and filter styles.
    - Ability to share style preview to social networks.
    - Animated filtering and sorting.
    - Ability to use as a test responsive layout tool.
    - Ability to set the index router for the demo links.
    - Ability to grant permission for specific usergroup to see demo page.
    - Ability to remove iframe button (demo bar).
    - SEO Friendly.
    - Fully support responsive design.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.2
  2. Version 1.1.1
  3. Version 1.1.0