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  1. Tellurium

    Catching up with the newest technology is our mission and vision. In Brivium, we desire to bring to our customers the newest experiences in the fastest time. That is why we created this style.

    Tellurium is an amazing combination between the XenForo platform and Material Design of Google. You can easily experience the interaction with the users just in one screen.

    Check out live preview at here.


    Tellurium brings in itself all the characteristics needed to have with a “Material style”:
    - Using an unique color for the whole web “dark blue”, etc ...
    - The visual details are delightful, and the paradigmatic underpinnings — that interfaces are three-dimensional constructions, composed of layers of “physical” components — are refreshingly novel.
    - Flat, simple but understandable icons: The navigation bar is simplified maximum to create an easy experience for new users.
    - Interface is flat, has little or no color transitions, with or without black shadow effects
    - All of Menus, buttons, scripts ... have much empty blanks so it looks airy.

    User Notification Center

    Member Lists / Member Card

    Quick Create Thread Action Button (This add-on included on Style package which valued $15)

    Thread View / BBcodes Effects

    Search Box Effects

    Member Register / Login Box
    - Of course, this style inherits almost features / functions from Stylium Framework.

    We hope that this style will bring a new way of experiencing news and information in mobile devices in this digital era.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.5.22
  2. Version 1.5.21
  3. Version 1.5.16

Recent Reviews

  1. Alexander Liebrecht
    Alexander Liebrecht - Jun 24, 2017
    - Version: 1.5.14
    With Tellurium Style I agree very much and that told me the same. This looks passable in the forum front-end and makes something.

    Also the setting possibilities of the style very good. The forum gives you a nice look through this resource, which means that your forum readers will remain true to you;)
  2. Antich
    Antich - Feb 19, 2016
    - Version: 1.5.5
    i love it
  3. Claudio Marcucci
    Claudio Marcucci - Feb 17, 2016
    - Version: 1.5.1
    Awesome style!