User Review System

This add-on is up high level of review and rating system.

  1. This add-on is an elevating version of rating and review system. It will add an all around type of system in your forum for your users to post stuff. Customers wanted a review system but it can be used for pretty much anything, such as: articles, tutorials, blogs, garage etc. Anyway, below there is a list of the features and options that the add-on has.

    · Add Unlimited Reviews – Supports the rich editor.
    · Moderate/Approve Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Maximum Daily Limit – Group permission based.
    · Upload Attachments - Group permission based.
    · Edit/Delete With Time Frame Limit - Group permission based.
    · Who Read/Viewed Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Like System - Group permission based.
    · User Tagging System - Users can tag each other via the @username tag when creating reviews and posting comments.
    · Alerts – The item submitter will be notified whenever someone likes, rates, comments in their items and gets tagged in reviews and comments. If an user and/or users do not want to receive an alert they can disable them at their profiles->Alert Preferences->Reviews.
    · Sticky/Unsticky Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Reassign Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Feature Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Social Media Share Buttons - For each review.
    · New Reviews Counter - A new counter indicator will be shown in the Reviews tab.
    · Report Reviews - Group permission based.
    · Find-new - Displays Unread/Unviewed Reviews.
    · Search – It has its own search settings.
    · News Feed Integration – Reviews will show up in XenForo's news feed system.
    · Ratings – Group permission based.
    · IP Logging – The ip of the users posting reviews will be logged.
    · Mark Reviews Read - You can mark all reviews as read.
    · Own Reviews Tab - A new tab called Reviews has been added in users profiles. There are logged all reviews that an user has posted. Group permission based.
    · User Reviews Number - The review number an user has posted can be displayed in their profiles, member card and postbits. Top Reviewers are added to the members notable page too.
    · User Criteria - You can add trophy points, use the group promotion, show noticed or anything that has to do with the User Criteria for the users who have posted at least x number of reviews.
    · Moderator Log - Editing a review, deleting it, setting it as sticky, moderating/approving it, assigning it to someone else by your super moderators will be logged in the Moderator Log at the Acp.
    · User Log - Editing a review, deleting it, setting it as sticky, moderating/approving it, assigning it to someone else by your users will be logged in the user Log at the Acp.
    · Automatic Sitemap XML Generation - With Xenforo 1.4x only.
    · Forum Entrance Based On Reviews - You can also make the entrance to a forum and/or forums review based. To do so, go to the forum in question and when changing it under Basic Information tab, all the way to the bottom you will see a new setting called: Review Count: Set it accordingly and then save the changes. You can exclude a group(s) from this limit.
    · Acp Reviews Log - You can view an overview of all reviews posted in your forum under the Acp->Tools->Reviews Log. You can edit/delete the item entries from there, and you can also search for items submitted by users.
    · Add/Edit/Delete/Report Comments - It has an advanced commenting system. BBCode and smiles supported. You can tag users in comments as well.

    The following settings can be found at Settings->User Reviews:
    1) Tab Name - The name that you want to appear at the Navigation Menu. By default it will appear: Reviews.
    2) New Counter - The number of new/unread reviews in the Reviews tab
    3) Tab Position - It controls where the tab will show up in the main navigation bar. Choose home, middle, or end, depending on where you would like to show this custom tab. By default it will show at the end of the Navigation Menu.
    4) Sorting Order - The reviews can be set to be displayed in the following options:
    Title (alphabetical)
    Last Update
    5) Sorting Order Direction - The reviews can be set to be sorted in the following options:
    Ascending order
    Descending order
    6) Minimum Review Length!
    7) Maximum Review Length!
    8) Users Review Count!
    9) Recent Reviews Forum List!
    10) Limit!
    11) Review Stats!
    12) Review Stats Sidebar!
    13) Limit!
    14) Rating List!
    15) Comments!
    16) Comments Pagination!

    You may use one copy per forum. If you wish to purchase multiple licenses please let me know so we can work out a discount.

    For more info please check the attached screenshots.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.1
  2. Version 1.1.0
  3. Version 1.0.3