Users Away/On Hiatus Status

This add-on allows to add an away status to your forum system.

  1. This mod will add a away/on hiatus users system to your forum.

    What does that mean?

    It means that when an user and/or users will not be active at your forum for a certain period of time then they can set a away status update in their profiles. i.e. on hiatus.

    To change their away status, a new link has been added to their profiles. Just below the group badge you will see a drop down link that says: Away Status.

    When adding the away status, users have 2 options.

    1) To set the time for how long they will be away.

    2) Adding a reason as to why they are going to be away. (Optional)

    Once the away status has been set then users can edit their away status and when they come back they can revert/remove it completely.

    When an user status has been set away, a new badge, Away, will appear in postbits under the users names. This setting can be enabled/disabled from Options->Users Away Status->Away Status Display!

    Also a new away status tab will be added in their profiles showing the time when they went away, the reason and the return date.

    The mod is group permission based. When editing a group permissions, under the General permission tab there are 2 new permissions added.

    1) Can set away status for own profiles only:

    2) Can set away status for all profiles:

    Set the settings to your likings and save the changes.

    These 2 permissions will also control the viewing of the Away Status tab on users profiles.

    And as last but not least you can view an overview of all away user statuses in your forum under the Acp->Tools->Away Users Log. You can also remove/clear all the away statuses from there and search for away statuses for particular users.

    For more info please check the attached screenshots.
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  1. TRGCommunity
    TRGCommunity - Oct 16, 2015
    - Version: 1.0.1
    This is exactly what I missed in vBulletin 4, thank you very much for this! Works like a charm.