Who Downloaded This Resource

This add-on allows users to view who downloaded a resource in RM Manager.

  1. This is Borbole’s product. We already have a similar product “RM Download Tracker" on Brivium shop (Check it at: https://brivium.com/resources/rm-download-tracker.106/). We recommend you to use Brivium product for supporting and updating service.

    We do not update this product anymore and just support for the customers who have already bought it. In case you still want to buy this product, all transaction will be usual and we notice you that the version you purchase is the last version of this product.

    You created a thing and you post it in where everybody could see it. And you are curious who downloaded your thing? Well, this add-on will resolve your question. By tracking and listing people who downloaded your resource, as a developer, you could understand more about your users. Checking your user list to know more about market trend and get into it right time is amazing thing, right?

    Don’t pass out the chance to get this add-on in your site!