Xen Notes

Take notes any idea pop-out in your mind with XenNotes and save it in a safe place.

  1. Sometimes you need to take note important information and you do not have a pen and paper or other necessities? Or you don't want to remember your tasks, or even simply to save a interesting music file, a yummy newspaper link? Don't worry, Brivium supports you with the product to do all thing above called XenNotes.

    With XenNotes, the user could see a separate tab named XenNotes where stored all the notes of every member. In the homepage, the use could take note in three way by choosing the suitable tab: Note, Link or File. In the Note tab, it is generally for taking notes in text format. You could note the task list of your job, some favor infor in short form. Besides, the Link tab will support for the whole long article, or even an excited thread you want to save. With the File tab, the user could upload an image to note, a music file they like, however it's all private.

    Do you like it? In my opinion, I could not pass on this add-on, because in our busy life nowadays, remembering all the thing is a hard request and we should not ignore the development of technology when we can use it to serve our life in the best way we could! Buy it now!

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.0