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Zinc Style - The perfect complement of your eyes by blowing the seabreeze into your love.

  1. 10_zinc

    As people usually know, Zinc plays an important role in the daily life of the human. You could see Zinc in almost area of your body. And Zinc has a special role to the retinas of eyes. It exists inside “rhodopsin”, a kind of protein inside eyes, which is related to the “pigmentary retinitis”, a genetic disease could lead to the blindness. Most doctors in the hospitals when they contact patients, especially in the operations, they usually get eyestrain of seeing too much into the red color of blood, which could affect retinas.

    It’s the reason why we created this style with a full of medium sea green color, a opposited color with red one, and it’s the colour of surgeons too. Hopefully we has blown you away by a seabreeze in some cloudy days like today.

    1. Upload the contents of the upload directory to the root of your XenForo installation.
    2. Go into your XenForo Admin Control Panel, click on Appearance menu, click Styles and then click on "Import a Style" in the left-hand navigation list.
    3. Click on the upload file field, and then navigate to and select the style-Zinc.xml file.
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