Information 4 Things that You should know about Brivium Bundles

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    Brivium - Jan 12, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member


    Have you ever wondered about paying one time and using XenForo products for a long time? If the answer is yes, you should stop by this product.

    Brivium Bundles are our newest combo packages that we have released recently. You can visit our website to check the newest update of our products.

    With bundles, we implement four combo packages for add-ons and styles. However, what are the differences between Brivium Bundles and other packs? What makes you should choose us instead of other brands?

    And now, please discover 4 outstanding features thay maybe you don’t know about this with us to answer those questions above.

    1. Cheap price, eternal life
    We help you for saving maximum your cost around 80% for packages related to add-ons and up to 50% for style combo packages. In addition, we give you our assisstance everytime you want to renew your pack. For example, you receive the discount of 30% for the next time renewal of Standard Combo Package. And one thing you should consider is that you just need to pay the missing part to switch between packages, such as you are using Standard add-on pack ($499) and you want to extend to Standard Lifetime pack ($899), all you need to pay is $400. Similar rules are applied with other forms of conversion.

    2. Support 24/7
    If there is thing that any customer is impressed strongly about Brivium, that is our support service. And there will be no exeptions for Bundle support service. If you buy a bundle from us, you could receive our special support with amount of ways. You could feedback about an individual add-on through our forum or leave us a ticket for giving you a solution. Moreover, our staffs with years of experiences in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, CSS/CSS3 and HTML/HTML5… will come up with the perfect solution to you.

    3. Free to collect what you want
    All the prices of our packages are fixed. It means that you just need to pay only one time for one payment and receive the product during the time of the license you choose. And you can optionally choose what add-ons or styles you like for your bundle. For instance, you buy a Professional Add-on Combo package. Six months later we release new product and you want to buy it, you are free for collecting it in your bundle. However, the duration of your new product you have downloaded lasts for next 6 months. After your bundle has expiried, you will continue use that future product, although you could not update or download other utilities of that product.

    4. Easy to customize.
    If your order is Professional packages, you will get the chance to receive not only the premium support from us, but also the installation service and the copyright removal. With each add-on or style, you can get the references of guide in our documentations for installation progress and way to use that add-on. In addition, we allow you to modify our source code for your use as much comfort as you want.

    4 things above are all thing you should know about our new combo packages! Do you love it? Do you want to stick with it? Let’s stop by our website to get a bundle you like!