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    You are a "fashion follower"? You have a ton of clothing and you do not know how to arrange it in your closet? You feel that your closet is like a mess?

    If the styles outside look like the clothes for people look at, the admin styles will be like your underwear. You could not show your underwear out of your body, however, without the charming underwear, I swear you will feel lack of romance in your bedroom with the love one.

    That’s it. Styles are likely your clothing and you may need the right lingerie with that outside clothes.

    You need to classify which one is dress, which one is T-Shirt, which one is jeans and put it into the right place. In time, you need to put the more frequent using “clothes” to the top of what less using. Similarly, styles are the faces of a website. You sometimes need to “wear” for your website the reasonable “clothes” in the right time. You couldn’t wear a Santa’s clothes in the summer or vice versa. Or you couldn’t wear New Year’s clothes for too long when first half of the year has gone by far. With your “underwear”, the situation is similar, you could not wear the colorful undershirt covered by your transparent shirt, maybe it will be sexy but it is disgusting somehow too. So now you can see the importance of changing the right styles according to the right time for your website.

    However, you are still considering about which one you should change for it or how to save and modify your styles? You see that the New Year style of this year could be used for the next year to save cost and you just want to put it in somewhere for ready to the next year. Unfortunately, you cannot find anywhere to put? And you worry that in the next year, you could lost it?

    Okay, this problem is normal to see in everywhere. They are the reasons for us to create an amazing tool to help you with all magical features above: “Admin Style System”.

    It is a stunning system with full of features supporting the administrators in managing all the styles not just only between styles together, but also between separate parts of only one style.

    Admin Style System also helps you to manage not only the current using styles but also the outdated styles and their updated version.

    Another important reason which make us put all of our efforts for creating this add-on is that now XenForo does not support admin styles. And what do you feel when you must face a same color, a same pattern of a style from years to years? It is too boring and you may face the risk of losing customers because of that. Based on just only this reason, our add-on may solve out that issue for you.

    Well, is that a gorgeous system to try? So what are you waiting for? Bring it back to your website and change "any clothes" at any time you want and easily manage them in your hands.

    A happy news for all Brivium followers: Admin Style System is totally free for you. Just one click and no more worrying about your style system.

    "Admin Style System - Easily adjusting and managing all of your styles just only in one tab of screen"

    Some images about our the first admin style:

    admin_dashboard admin_mega_menu admin_login
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